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Associations across the world are losing strength. Dwindling membership and lack of member engagement are being compounded by a lack of sponsorship revenues.

“ROI,” “value,” and “limited participant time” are cited constantly as the reason why members are dropping off and not getting involved, leaving the same core group of people to drive the organization forward. Add to that, that the Boomer generation is retiring and the newer generations just don’t see value in what you are offering. We are at a point in time when saying “yes” to one thing means saying “no” to another.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could delve into the needs of all your stakeholders, picking and packaging programs that provide the value your target demographic needs to say “Yes!” to you and your Association?

Through Lights! Camera! Action! an operation framework that looks at organizations and their offerings through the lens of live theatre, Associations like yours can uncover best practices used to create jaw-dropping experiences for your members, your sponsors and your staff. This intuitive and unique perspective provides the method that allows your board of Directors and your operational team to script, direct, and stage the award winning experience your stakeholders deserve.

If you’re looking for an authentic and sustainable way to build member engagement, and enhanced member experience, all while providing sponsors with the value they require to support your organization, then this framework can uncover your hidden potential.

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Dare to Be the Exception™

How to get noticed and become the category-of-one

Are you struggling to be seen, heard, and valued? Do you find that you’re stuck in the sea-of-sameness? What needs to change so that you shine and your uniqueness attracts those that matter the most?

In this program, Marc uncovers the three components to becoming a category-of-one – that is, you become the leader of choice, the business of choice, and the employer of choice.

Learn Marc’s proven formula that will put you and your business into the Golden Spotlight – that spot where your employees want to work for you, where your customers are raving fans, and you are known as the best in your industry.

Program takeaways:
  • Uncover 3 key components every business needs to get out of the sea-of-sameness and into the Golden Spotlight
  • Give your team the tools they need to razzle dazzle your customers
  • Learn how to not just sell what your customer want; rather, deliver a solution they need
  • Unveil the secrets to becoming the person and business of choice

If you’re ready to bridge the gap, be in the spotlight, and become the category-of-one, now and into the future, this presentation is for you.

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How to deliver jaw-dropping experiences 

Imagine if your product or service resonates so deeply with your people that it becomes an integral part of their life. Imagine if you become THE brand of choice and an innovator in your industry. Imagine if every time your customers walk through the door, you create a show-stopping, jaw-dropping experience that is designed with them in mind.

What difference would that make?

Lights! Camera! Action! uses the lens of live theatre to give your business a new perspective. Marc’s unique framework pulls back the curtain and puts your business on centre stage. In this humorous and interactive session, Marc uncovers a razzling, dazzling focus for your business so that you, your team, and your customers are jazzed with anticipation. This is an opportunity for you to script and ramp-up your business so you can set, stage, and perform like never before.

Presentation takeaways: 

Lights: Define your values, set your culture, and identify your big goals

Camera: Prepare your customer touchpoints and train your team to be “performance-ready”

Action: Learn how to deliver outstanding service each and every single day

Get ready to create a strategy that will get you and your team a standing ovation

If you’re looking to create the show-stopping, jaw-dropping experience your customers and employees deserve, this presentation is for you! 


Strings Attached

Creating lasting connections by going from onboarding to forever-boarding

Starting from the first time a person comes across your business, they will migrate through various levels of engagement during their time with you – whether they are a client or an employee. Are you doing what’s required to fulfill their needs and keep them engaged? 

“Onboarding” is a technique that businesses use. The challenge with current “onboarding” processes is that we invest so much when people start with us, then we close the spigot of support, and abandon our new person to fend for themselves. As a result, people begin to feel unsupported, devalued, and eventually disengaged. This leads to lower productivity, lower sales, and severed ties.

In Strings Attached, you and your team will uncover how a person’s journey with you, your company, and your brand is tied together through various points of connection. Using these points of connection effectively will lead to higher engagement, retention, and loyalty. 

How tight are your strings to ensure the best connection?

If you adopt a continual cycle of evaluation and adjustment, you will move them from prospect to newbie to dedicated ambassador. I vote that we drop the term “onboarding” and adopt a better, more reflective word like “forever-boarding.”

Presentation takeaways: 
  • Unlock the 5 key milestones every person must reach to create lasting connection to your brand
  • Untangle the driving needs and questions they have at each step of their journey
  • Uncover why people fall into the “Pit of the Tainted,” and how you (and they) can be doomed
  • Learn what not to do and what knot to do, creating the best, long-lasting connections
  • Leverage “forever-boarding” as your secret tool to make people your top ambassadors… making YOU the brand of choice

If you’re looking to create a path towards higher engagement, increased levels of loyalty, and a brand people will feel connected to, this presentation is for you.

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For your upcoming conference, Marc Haine will engage your participants, providing real-world and playful lessons to help them boost their people, productivity, and profits.

In this 60 or 90 minute keynote, your participants will learn how to recognize the various levels of employee and member engagement (and disengagement) to use for developing meaningful programs and incentives to bolster engagement and caring at every level.

Understanding the drivers of employee and member engagement and disengagement will give you the upper hand in defining a culture that delivers superior results.

Want to shine a spotlight that helps motivate and provide superior ROI for your organization’s stakeholders?

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Your franchisees are usually so entrenched in their business, they can’t see the forest for the trees. Daily crises have them switching priorities almost minute-to-minute. An unbiased outside perspective can help bring clarity to your brand’s vision, making it top-of-mind for your franchisees, while focussing their thinking and their future actions.

Marc’s speciality is helping to delve beneath the surface, peeling back the onion to expose capacity and passion within teams, and engineering show-stopping experiences your customers and staff deserve.

Ready to take your franchisee and customer experience to the next level?

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Workshops / Training / Facilitating

As a Professional Speaker / Trainer / Facilitator and an accredited Challenge Dialogue System™ Practitioner, Marc helps facilitate enabling and empowering transformative change. Using the time-based and challenge-focused system, he can help stakeholders create strategic plans that will support diverse groups in accomplishing complex tasks.

Marc’s fun and playful approach, encourages participants to uncover information, collaborate, and innovate while driving evolutionary thinking. By applying experiential and proven models to create information retention and application, participants can put theories and new practices into motion the very next day.

Are you ready for uncompromising long-term transformation?

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1-on-1 / Group Coaching

You have a plan, a direction, and a purpose. Now it’s all about creating measurable metrics and accountability to drive it forward.

Uncompromising transformation is hard. It means being uncomfortable. It means thinking differently, acting differently, and doing differently. But it is challenging to stay uncomfortable. Many people instigating purposeful change regress to previous beliefs and behaviours when the going gets tough.

Marc’s approach to group and one-on-one coaching is, “what gets measured, matters.” This creates a balanced scorecard, driven by objectives and learning/developmental opportunities to keep you, your team, and your members on course and purposeful.

Ready to take your or your team’s goals to the next level?

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Marc's Bio

With his roots firmly set in 35 years of hospitality, this actor, author and podcaster, understands that the minute a guest (customer, client, audience, prospect, even employee) comes into contact with your brand, IT’S SHOWTIME! From their initial contact, your values,  goals, and mission is reflected in everything you do, and more importantly, in everything they see, experience, and feel.

Marc is a service expert and master of experiences, driving operational excellence by daring people to cultivate a generous attitude and lead with love and kindness first.

As a teacher, trainer, speaker and facilitator, Marc’s core values of humour, humility, staying uncomfortable, and being of service grounds him to connect with audiences and service providers alike. In his career, he’s been there, he’s done that, and like your staff, he’s bought the t-shirt!

Whether coaxing empathy from new leaders within your organization or helping long-term service providers seek out their purpose, Marc’s authentic, light-heartedness and sense of humour shows people how they can care and lead while growing as individuals and professionals.

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Business Operational Excellence Through the Lens of Live Theatre

Marc Haine’s brilliant book takes a unique look at business practices and applies views, processes, and objectives of live theatre.

It highlights how businesses can differentiate themselves, fulfill their guests’ Experience Expectation, and always be ready for SHOWTIME!

*Get a signed copy. Ships to Canada only.

Shared Experiences

Lyndi Hamon

Marc gave a really great presentation. He was engaging, relatable and has a great sense of humour, I was laughing throughout the presentation.

He seems to understand the clientele well, what to expect, and how to find points of improvement and relatability.

Overall I would give his presentation high ratings, I think this kind of client-focused training is important for any business to learn.
Lyndi Hamon, Electrologist, Event Attendee
Dr. Danie Botha
"Marc’s Leverage Design Thinking for Your Next Live Event workshop was a real game changer. Going into the 3-hour session as a “skeptic,” I left a “believer.” The fast-paced, hands-on approach and Marc’s enthusiasm, insight, and knowledge helped our group change how we now prepare for our next live event."
Danie Botha, Physician, Author, Speaker
I recently attended a brainstorming session that Marc conducted for the CAFP. Not only did Marc structure it in such a way that within an hour we had a list of valuable takeaways that I had thought would take at least three hours to uncover, but his level of engagement and energy, and use of humour meant that we ended up with excellent outcomes AND had a lot of fun along the way.
Kim McQuaite, Kim Communications
Marc’s breakout session was very informative, enjoyable, and presented in a humorous way. I recommend it highly.
Eva Bencsik, Mr. Printer
I thought his presentation was very informative and provided a lot of insight into problem-solving in regards to some of the issues our industry deals with, specifically with clients.

He was a great speaker and enjoyed it very much, I feel as though Marc has had a lot of experience in the business industry and is genuine in wanting to help others with their businesses.

He had a few funny moments we all enjoyed too! I felt there was value in his presentation/training because I was able to relate and use it towards both of the businesses I have, Electrolysis and my Skincare line.
Susanne Bodevin, Director
I just came out of Marc’s session on how to become an empathetic leader. I chose his session because as a manager, I get so caught up with my day-to-day responsibilities, that I have not been present with my team. Marc’s session today gave me strategies and systems to help me be more present, and more sensitive to the needs of my people.
Tracey Durant, South-Side Sobey’s
A few years ago I attended one of Marc’s workshops with a number of my front line employees. We found the session helpful not only with dealing with difficult customers but our people felt they also applied the techniques to their everyday lives and with fellow staff members in resolving conflicts. Marc made the group feel comfortable enough to share stories and experiences as well as tactics that had worked for them in the past. I have attended many similar events where people were never as forthcoming as we experienced here. The material was pertinent and topical and Marc was able to make it relevant to everyone in the room. I have always prided myself on being a good conflict arbitrator and still today find that I am able to utilize many of the ideas and techniques we learned in Marc’s session.
Jeff Millar, IGA Garden Markets
Marc's Dealing with Difficult People strategies and content were so valuable I was able to successfully put them into practice the very next day while dealing with an irate citizen. He was happy, I was happy - made for a great day!
Tracy Preece, Bylaw Officer (former), Town of Devon
Marc Haine is emerging as one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers in Alberta. He is a masterful presenter and engages his audience with a positive and uplifting message. His trademark is "Dare to be the exception", and for groups and organizations that need to think - and act - "outside the box" should not hesitate to have Marc as their keynote speaker
Judge Brian Stevenson, Past International President, Lions Clubs International

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