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Marc HaineMarc Haine

I’m Marc Haine, service expert and master of experiences, driving operations excellence by daring people to cultivate a generous attitude and lead with love and kindness first.

I work with organization who want to build more engagement, create more buy-in, and build more loyalty, so that they can put on an award winning show every time they open their doors.

I do this by challenging the status quo within the corporate culture, shaking out complacency and providing new skills and competencies for the team.

If you believe in creating magical moments, let’s talk.

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Dime a Dozen...

Time to Make Change


In the 1980's, when unemployment was at an all-time high, Managers and Supervisors were the almighty. 

I learned very quickly that if I was told to jump, I could not ask "Why?" I Had to Ask, "How high?"

Thank goodness those days are gone... or are they?

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Does Self-Service Mean No Service?

It’s 7:30 at night. It’s been a long day. I had been speaking at a conference in Calgary, Alberta, and now, after three days, I was heading home,  determined to be kissing my wife by 10:30 pm.  I stopped at a gas station before jumping on the highway to fill up.

As is for most of the gas stations in major cities, I had to pay at the pump. Credit Card in, straining to see the display (it was -17 Celsius, the Fahrenheit equivalent was, "Frigin' Cold"). The little screen slowly phased to the next, “Please remove .”

Being a compliant human, I did what this machine told me to do..

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Annual Reviews 2.0

The dreaded annual evaluation.  

 If your company is like most organizations, you are mandated to complete an annual evaluation with your team members, or, each year, you fall victim to the annual evaluation process yourself.  

 Depending on the mindset of the organization, this is either an uplifting, affirming process, or a chore that feels both demeaning and useless. 

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